West Kootenay MapIT Co.
Call Us at 250 551 5568 or westkootenaymapit@shaw.ca


West Kootenay MapIT specializes in efficient, accurate GPS-based mapping. 

Services Include

Locating/ Mapping exisiting or proposed structures

  • buildings
  • fencing
  • roads
  • utilities - power, water, gas, septic
  • site plans

Landscape or Farm plan analysis

  • crop/ farming zones
  • fencing
  • irrigation

Topographic (contour) Mapping

  • Slope analysis
  • flood plain/high water mark mapping

                              Our services incorporate an innovative, quick and efficient submeter GPS based mapping system that saves you time and money !

                              Help support our local business serving the West Kootenay- Boundary region.

                              Call us any time @  250_551_5568

                              ***The focus of our business is locating or mapping exisiting or proposed land based features where legal certification is NOT required.***